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Bleetboard.com.ng is a blog established primarily to publicly provide contents on the health and finance category without hassle. The information provided here at Bleetboard is not to promote any health or other kind of financial institution but focuses both on the advantages, disadvantages and guidelines you may need to follow while we go through a thorough research and provide you useful and only original information.

Bleetboard was established in 2022 by an enthusiast Blogger known as Gideon Benin Agge.

Aim And Objectives

The primary aim and objectives of establishing this blog is to help people find out the information needed at the right time before taking step or finally decide to hospital or transact with any financial institution.

We speak more on the advantages, disadvantages and the legitimacy of these health, financial apps and institutions purposely to help protect your interest.

We not only provide resourceful contents but aim at meeting our readers at the point of their needs in the sense that they can actually get in touch with us to ask any question related to our niche which may possibly bothers them.

Why Should You Trust Us

Our blog is safe for all, both young and adult can freely navigate through our blog. We don’t publish, irrelevant or plagiarized contents which may terminate our image.

Also, our contents are, are and will always be written by human.

Our vision is to become the largest informational blog in our home country and throughout the world at large.

This blog was made so simple to give you our reader’s the optimum satisfaction you deserve!

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